Information regarding band bookings at The Music Man Megastore

All gigs booked at The Music Man Megastore by outside promoters/agents must get the final line up approved by the Venue and must include at least 2 local bands on the line up. All door deals and entry price must be approved by the venue prior to promotion of the event. All bands are to arrive at the venue at least 45 minutes prior to performance and remain at the venue to support all other bands. The venue has a capacity of 150 people.

Door Person

The Venue can supply a door person and float for a fee of $50 per night, alternatively promoters/agents can organise their own door person and float. If Bands are supplying door person they are also responsible for checking ID at the door and not allowing anyone Under 18 into the venue.

Gig Posters & Promotions

The Music Man Megastore creates gig posters at least 2 weeks prior to the event and displays them both inside and outside the venue. Bands are expected to help promote gigs through all forms of social media. As The Music Man Megastore generally has multiple bands on each night ALL gig posters created by bands MUST be approved by the venue prior to putting them in public. There is to only be 1 poster created for each gig. The Music Man Megastore has its own Design team which can help with or create any posters required for shows held at the venue.

Facebook Events

All events held at The Music Man Megastore are to be created by the venue. Once the venue has created the Facebook Event your bands Facebook admin will be made a host allowing them to also add your band page as host and to add any appropriate content and friends to the event.

BYO Alcohol

The Music Man Megastore is a fully licenced venue and BYO alcohol is NOT permitted under any circumstances.